Tuition Rebates for New Master Gardeners / Terms and Application.

Tuition rebates will be given in order to encourage more individuals to apply for the Master Gardener Training Class (MGTC) and to continue as a Master Gardener volunteer after receiving Master Gardener Certification.  The Aiken Master Gardener Association (AMGA) will offer a rebate in the amount of $100 to help defray the $300 tuition cost.

Those who are eligible and interested may fill out the application below.  When completed it should be sent by email, Attention to Kathryn Darwin, the Intern Mentor (state “Rebate – Attn. Kathryn Darwin” in the subject line) to:

This rebate will be offered to anyone who achieves certification after June, 2016, and then completes one year of annual volunteer service of at least 20 hours Educational Service and 10 hours Continuing Education post Clemson MG certification.


Terms and Conditions of Rebate:

  1. Landscape, nursery and similar horticultural professionals are not eligible for this rebate.
  2. Applicant’s Master Gardener Certification must be completed within one year after the end of the applicant’s MGTC to qualify for rebate. Post Certification rebate requirements (20/10 hours described above) must be completed within a year of MG Certification
  3. Required Educational Service Hours, both pre and post certification, should be volunteered in Aiken County; for an approved AMGA activity or for local Extension.
  4. AMGA reserves the right to limit the rebates to a maximum number of ten (10) per MGTC. Type of volunteer work, professionalism and timely completion of required hours may be some criteria used to award rebates when there is a greater number of applicants than ten.
  5. Rebate timeline:
  6. Interested Interns should notify Intern Mentor of interest in receiving rebate after finishing required volunteer hours for Master Gardener Certification.
  7. Application should be submitted when post certification required hours (20/10) are completed.
  8. Rebate check will be awarded one year after an applicant earns Master Gardener Certification and after completion of the required post certification hours as stated above. Example:  Certification received in April of 2017; requirements completed within the following year; Rebate given April of 2018.


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