Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Requirements, Opportunities, Reporting

Demonstration Garden: The Master Gardeners maintain the Demonstration Garden outside of the Aiken County Extension office. This is an opportunity to learn, share our knowledge with the community, and contribute to a beautiful garden. 

Community Gardens: Master Gardeners are often involved with community projects, including community gardens. The Grateful Garden at Aiken Senior Life Services is one of the projects Master Gardeners have contributed to. 

  • The hours must be recorded using the Clemson online Master Gardener Activity time reporting system as set up for you by Aiken County Consumer Horticulture Extension Agent, Vicky Bertagnolli.   [Contact Vicky (vbertag@clemson.edu) to get your account]
  • Interns are required to log 40 hours of educational service in the calendar year following successful completion of the MG Training Course to become certified MGs.
  • Ten of these 40 hours of educational service must be volunteer hours in the Master Gardener Office and at least 4 hours of AAMG and at least 1-hour RAMG team visit + report.  (This will be explained/discussed in greater detail during your classroom training).
  • The remaining hours can be any educational service (including the three just mentioned) completing the required 40 hours of educational service to become an SC Certified Master Gardener.
  • All hours must be recorded in your Clemson “My Activities” Master Gardener time reporting account (as noted above).

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Annual Plant Sale: Each April the Master Gardeners hold a member-based plant sale (currently indoors at Trinity United Methodist Church in the Fellowship Hall where we hold our Monday Afternoon Lecture Series). We offer all types of garden plants including shrubs, annuals, perennials, herbs, and garden accessories at very low prices. Proceeds from this sale go to our general fund and help to support our program activities such as the Grants and Scholarship programs as well as other community service activities AMGA provides to Aiken County.
  • Ask a Master Gardener: The Master Gardeners are at the Aiken Farmers Market from 8:00 A.M. until noon on the first Saturday of each month from April through October. We are there to answer lawn and garden questions and identify plants, weeds, and any other mystery items that the public brings. This is a free service.
  • Rent a Master Gardener: For a $65 fee, a team of Master Gardeners will visit homes and spend approximately one hour with the homeowner. We will answer homeowner questions and also examine the lawn and garden for problems. After the visit, the homeowner will receive a written report detailing our findings and offering suggestions on how to improve or otherwise modify and maintain their landscape.  The proceeds from the RAMG service go to our general fund and help to support our program activities such as the Grants and Scholarship programs as well as other community service activities AMGA provides to Aiken County.
  • Aiken County Gardening Almanac: Each year the Aiken Master Gardeners produce a gardening almanac strictly for Aiken County. The information is taken from the hundreds of telephone calls and questions that we receive at the Clemson Extension Center and Meet a Master Gardener sessions and Rent a Master Gardener visits. The almanac has been researched and produced by compiling information on these various AMGA-provided services indicating what issues the citizenry of Aiken County are concerned with. It is the perfect gardening companion for both old and new Aiken residents.
  • The Master Gardener Information Desk: Master Gardeners are available in the County Extension office each day, Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. until noon to answer questions from the public. Residents may also bring in items to be identified or researched.
  • Speaker’s Bureau: Master Gardeners are available to speak to garden clubs, church groups, schools, and other organizations on a variety of lawn and garden issues.