Community Grants & High School Scholarship

AMGA Community Grant Application Procedure

HISTORY: Established in April 2007 with 25,000.00 “to provide student assistance of $1000.00 or more for junior or senior undergraduates or graduate students enrolled in the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences and pursuing horticultural-related studies with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and be residents of Aiken County”.

Well, the “Great Recession” put a “hurt” on that initial $25K and it was not until 2016(!) that the endowment balance had recovered sufficiently such that award distributions were made. The first recipient of the AMGA endowment was Ashley Townsend of North Augusta.


Community Grants

AMGA Grant Request

Aiken Master Gardener Association (AMGA)
Grant Application Procedure

Our mission is to promote better home gardening and horticultural practices in our community through education. Financial support is offered to organizations and groups whose request is in keeping with this mission.


  1. Request an application for financial support from the AMGA President via email with subject line “Request for Grant Application” at or from the Clemson Extension office (803) 649-6297 Ext. 122. OR, click here to download the application
  2. Return the Grant Application to the AMGA President via email with subject “Grant Proposal” to or via USPS Attn: AMGA President, 1555 Richland Ave. East, Suite 500, Aiken, SC 29801; via fax Attn: AMGA President at (803) 649-6671. You will be contacted if additional information is needed.

If you are not already working with an Aiken Master Gardener, one will be assigned to assist you and serve as liaison to the AMGA. You will be notified after your grant has been reviewed. If the application is approved, a check will be disbursed.


  1. Grant recipients will be expected to provide short progress reports every 3 months until the project is completed.
  2. After the project is completed, grant recipients will be expected to provide an evaluation that describes how the project was carried out and what was accomplished. The report should be one to two pages long and include a description of the project, what the grant money was used for, how that money enhanced the project, and how the project made a difference to the community.
  3. These reports should be sent to the AMGA President via one of the methods described in #3 above. Photographs are encouraged (submit as separate files if using email or disk).

Criteria for Awarding Grant Money

  • The purpose of the project is educational. Preference will be given to projects with applied, hands-on learning opportunities and to projects that teach and promote research-based, environmentally-friendly horticultural practices.
  • The project has realistic goals and objectives.
  • Grant funds make a significant contribution to achievement of objectives.
  • The project promotes community involvement in horticulture.
  • The project makes a difference to the community it serves.

Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service offers its programs to people of all ages, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital or family status and is an equal opportunity employer.

High School Scholarships


2019-2020: Isabella Marie Hill (Aiken) (Plant and Environmental Sciences) $1000.00

2018-2019: Isabella Marie Hill (Aiken) (Plant and Environmental Sciences) $1000.00

2017-2018: (1) Brodie M. Cox (Aiken) (Plant and Environmental Science) $1000.00

(2) Daniel J. Thomas (North Augusta) (Forest Resource Mgt) $500.00

2016-2017: Ashley Townsend (North Augusta) (Environmental/Natural Sciences major) 1000.00

2015-2016: Ashley Townsend (North Augusta) (Environmental/Natural Sciences major) 1000.00