Rent a Master Gardener

The RAMG program is currently on CV19 hiatus

Scheduling will resume once Clemson University authorizes in-person Master Gardener activities

[So, note: No RAMGs will be performed until C.U. gives us permission.]

Do you need some help with your lawn or garden? This program is for you!

RAMG visits are available March through October to coincide with Aiken's active growing season.

  • For a nominal fee of $65 a team of Master Gardeners will visit your home and spend an hour with you.
  • We will answer your questions and also examine the lawn and garden for problems that you may not see.
  • After the visit you will receive a written report detailing our findings and offering suggestions on how to improve your landscape.
  • Proceeds from this sale go to our general fund and help to support our local high school student scholarship program.
  • To sign up for the program or for more information call the AMGA office at (803) 508-7739 (leave a message if a Master Gardener is unavailable to answer the phone) or fill out the form below.