Visit with a Master Gardener


Until the Extension office re-opens you can email your questions to the master gardeners at:

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Bringing samples to the Extension Office for identification.
Bring all material to the extension office [Tues & Thurs 8:30AM-12PM] or call 803-508-7739 leave detailed voice message if calling after hours] or one of our Ask a Master Gardener events at the Aiken Farmers Market.


Carefully collect insects and affected plant material showing insect damage. Bring as much of the affected plant material as possible. Place insects in a sealed container(glass or plastic jar) If insects can’t be gotten to the extension office within the day you can place the insect in a jar/vial of alcohol to preserve until it can be seen. Place moth/butterfly type insects in a box with cotton to prevent damage to the insect. Place any plant material in a plastic bag.

Plant diseases

Select a plant which shows the affected area of the plant. Bring as much of the plant as possible including the plant roots. Include twigs and leaves that are alive if possible. Place in a plastic bag and try to wrap the roots separate from the stems/leaves to prevent getting the leaves dirty .

For turf problems take samples of around 4-6 inches showing the problem foliage and roots include soil(do not shake dirt off)intact. Try to include samples showing live areas in the affected area not just dead plant material.

Plant/Weed identification

Plants and Weeds are identified by many parts most important are: flowers, fruits/seeds, leaves, buds and young stems. Collect as many of the above as possible and place in a plastic bag.